What should I do if my servicer tells me that the investor is not participating in the Making Home Affordable Program?

The short answer is – find an investor (lender) that is participating in the HARP Program.

The HARP Program is a refinance program.  Therefore, your new refinance loan will pay off the old loan through the refinancing.  If the current investor (servicer/lender) is not participating in the program, simply to find a lender (investor) that is.  Outside of providing this site HARP Program.org, we provide mortgage broker and banking services, and I can say that we have access to several lenders that participate –  so it is not that hard.


1) Your first step towards lowering your rate via the HARP PROGRAM is see if Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac own your loan.  Check theagency sites and return here to go through the remaining eligibility items and to get a loan in process.

2) Once you determine if either Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae own you loan, see the additional guidelines for eligibility,

3)  or contact a HARP Specialist at 855-400-4277 (HARP) and we can walk you through it.