Government HARP

If your mortgage is underwater, the government HARP Program may help you lower your mortgage payment, and refinance into a lower rate.

The government HARP Program is being implemented March 2012 in an effort to help homeowners lower their mortgage payment through refinancing.  The Home Affordable Refinance Program was put together by the Obama administration, through the FHFA - and allows loans owned by Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae to be refinanced at current rates.  In order to take advantage of the program the  loan must be owned by Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae.  Just because you send your mortgage payment to a bank doesn’t mean the bank owns the loan – it only means that they service the loan.  Fannie and Freddie own a majority of loans, while after financing, the banks often just retain the role of servicing the loan (collecting payments, adjusting balances based on the loan amortzation, etc.)

If you would like to determine if you home loan is HARP eligibilbe, go to the getting started page and we can help you get going, and even give you current rates and help you determine how much your payment can be reduced through refinancing.

We are 18 years in the business, the largest mortgage broker in the country, and have built our entire business based on referrals earned through highest quality service and ethical standards.  We will give you the service you deserve.

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