Who We Are

We have deep expertise in HARP loans, compared to many lenders/brokers that get tripped up by the process. Our brokerage arm, is Emery Financial Group, a division of WJ Bradley. If you have questions about the program or would like help refinancing with HARP, we can help. Please take a second to fill in the contact forms, or give us a call.

Who is Emery Financial?
Emery Financial and it’s customer are a family – and many on our team – loan officers, processors and clients started with Emery 18 years ago and never left. We’ve thrived due to professional service and high ethical standards while much of the industry has imploded. And as of 2011, Emery Financial is the largest independent mortgage broker in the United States, having successfully funded over $17 billion in residential real estate loans over the past 18 years.

Client perks…  Emery Financial’s success provides us a unique opportunity to access loans from a broad spectrum of banks and credit unions; Emery Financial provides its customers highly competitive rates and the right loan for each borrower’s situation. Emery Financial’s was built on customer referrals earned from the care a service we afford our clients.

The Highest ethical standards:
While some of the largest mortgage lenders and banks in the country have been sued, shuttered, or bailed out – tarnishing the industry’s image along the way, Emery Financial’s sound practices has allowed it to grow. Emery has built its business entirely on referrals earned through highest quality service, and professional standards. We are proud to say that over its 18 years history, just 0.004 of Emery’s total loan volume were sub-prime loans.

NOT all HARP lenders (or loans) are created equal:
Many lenders are imposing lender-specific-restrictions beyond the guidelines outlined by the HARP Program (the Home Affordable Refinance Program). Such rules will further limit borrowers eligibility and in some instances may impact the rates a borrower will receive. Emery Financial can help you navigate this program to your maximum benefit. We hope we get a chance to work with you.